How To Find Your Amazon Affiliate Key & Secret Key

How to find your Amazon Key and Secret Key.

First you must login to your Amazon Affiliate Account. The direct link to this is . If you click the down arrow under the USA flag, you will find the links to other Amazon Locales.


2. After you have logged into your Amazon Affiliate Account, you will need to click the “Product Advertising API” button in the top menu of your account area.


3. If this is your first time using the Amazon Product Advertising API, then you must click the Join button on the right side of the page and complete the steps to activate your account.


4.After that you need to click on the “Manage Credentials” link.


5. After you clicked “Manage Credentials”, it will take you to the amazon platform for the keys. You can click on Access Keys to get your keys


7. Amazon has changed the rules that you can’t retrieve the Amazon Secret Key from their website anymore. If you never saved your secret key, then please make a new set of keys and download the file to your computer.