Frequently Asked Questions

Please View The FAQ Below Before Emailing Support As They Can Resolve Most Issues

Technical Issues:

Q1) My Amazon API Keys Are Invalid / Not Working? +

If you are not getting any results then there is an issue with the Amazon API Keys you entered.  Two things that you will want to check:

1.  Double check to make sure there is no spaces before or after your API Keys (which is the most common issue).

2.  Make sure you are signed up for the Product Advertising API.  You can register at:

If neither of those fixes the issue then you may need to create a fresh set of keys and use those new keys.

Q2) The Plugin I Purchased Is Not Working Correctly? +

The first thing you will want to do is to deactivate all your other plugins and then see if that corrected the issue.  At that point you can start reactivating the other plugins and see which one is causing the issue.

Still Need Help?

If this is a technical issue, please include your site URL and  your site Login Details.

You can contact our support team at: