Easyazon vs AAWP: Unveiling the Ultimate Affiliate Plugin Choice

As an Amazon affiliate, choosing the right plugin for your WordPress website is crucial to streamline and ease the process of adding and managing affiliate links. Two popular choices are EasyAzon and AAWP, each catering to different needs and preferences of affiliate marketers.

EasyAzon is known for its beginner-friendly interface and quick link creation capabilities, which allows users to generate Amazon affiliate links directly from the WordPress post editor. While being simple to use, it might lack some advanced features compared to other plugins in the market.

AAWP, on the other hand, has established a reputation for being a versatile and feature-rich plugin. It helps in connecting to the Amazon Associates API, inserting affiliate links, and displaying product information in various forms, thereby catering to more advanced users looking for a comprehensive solution for their affiliate marketing efforts.

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Easyazon Vs AAWP: Key Features Comparison

User Interface and Customization

Easyazon is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to set up and manage their Amazon affiliate links. However, AAWP has a much more modern and customizable interface compared to Easyazon, allowing for greater conversion optimization.

AAWP’s customization features make it easier for users to adjust the appearance of links, tables, and lists to fit their website’s design. Easyazon, unfortunately, can encounter issues with ad blockers which may render some elements invisible and negatively impact conversion rates.

Table and List Formats

Both Easyazon and AAWP offer table and list formats, allowing users to display Amazon products effectively. AAWP stands out in this category as it provides advanced features such as product comparison tables, aiding in informative user decision-making.

Shortcodes and Widgets

Easyazon and AAWP both utilize shortcodes and widgets, making it simple for users to insert affiliate links into their content. AAWP offers a variety of shortcode options, which may be more appealing to users looking to diversify their content.

Amazon API Integration

Integration with the Amazon Associates API is a key feature for both Easyazon and AAWP. This integration simplifies the process of inserting affiliate links and keeps product information up-to-date. AAWP, in particular, streamlines this process by making it easy to target specific audience demographics and languages.

However, AAWP does have a more limited list of supported languages compared to Easyazon. For users targeting a global audience, this may be a point of consideration when choosing between the two plugins.

AAWP vs EasyAzon – Pricing and Plans

When it comes to choosing between EasyAzon and AAWP, pricing plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, especially for beginners or those on a tight budget. Both plugins offer different pricing structures, accommodating different needs and preferences.

AAWP offers a tiered pricing structure starting at €49 for a single site license. The higher-priced plans include additional features and support for multiple websites, catering to the needs of affiliate marketers who manage several websites. It is regarded as a reliable choice for Amazon affiliates, offering features like easy installation, easy configuration, and multiple display options.

On the other hand, EasyAzon is a more budget-friendly option with a price of $23. This lower cost can be advantageous for beginners or those who want to try an Amazon affiliate plugin without committing to a larger investment. EasyAzon also has a free version available, which provides basic functionality, though the paid version unlocks more advanced features for better integration of Amazon products into the website.

Both EasyAzon and AAWP require a one-time payment for their respective licenses, and comparing their prices can help potential users make the best decision for their current situation or future requirements. Keep in mind that investing in the right Amazon affiliate plugin can contribute to improved website performance, user experience, and overall success of affiliate marketing efforts.

EasyAzon and AAWP Comparison of Product Display

Product Boxes and Grids

When it comes to product presentation, both EasyAzon and AAWP provide visually appealing options to display Amazon products on your website. EasyAzon offers product boxes that can feature essential product information, prices, and call-to-action buttons.

On the other hand, AAWP offers a more advanced approach with their product boxes and grids. AAWP’s product display boxes are known for their eye-catching designs and the ability to present crucial product details in an aesthetic manner. Furthermore, AAWP’s grid feature lets you showcase multiple products in a responsive layout, making it visually appealing and user-friendly.

Bestseller Lists

Creating bestseller lists is another essential feature that helps in promoting popular Amazon products on your website. EasyAzon allows you to display Amazon’s bestseller products within your niche, which can help increase audience engagement.

AAWP takes it a step further by offering additional customization options for displaying bestseller lists. This makes it easy for website owners to handpick popular products and present them in a visually attractive manner, thus potentially increasing click-through rates and sales.

Comparison Tables

Comparison tables are crucial for showcasing the differences among various products, allowing visitors to make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget. EasyAzon provides a simple way to create such tables, highlighting basic product features and differences.

In contrast, AAWP delivers a more comprehensive and customizable solution for comparison tables. AAWP’s advanced table features enable you to include product images, ratings, descriptions, and other essential elements, resulting in a more informative and attractive presentation. AAWP’s tables can be customized to match your website’s design, further enhancing the overall user experience.

Geo-Targeting and International Commissions

EasyAzon and AAWP are both popular Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. One of the key features they offer is geo-targeting, which enables affiliates to target specific countries or regions with their links. This is useful for optimizing marketing efforts and maximizing international commissions from local Amazon stores.

Geo-targeting with EasyAzon is relatively straightforward. The plugin allows users to set up tracking IDs for each Amazon locale they want to target, ensuring that commissions are properly attributed. However, it should be noted that EasyAzon’s geo-targeting features may not be as advanced or customizable as those offered by AAWP.

AAWP, on the other hand, provides an enhanced geo-targeting functionality that automatically detects a visitor’s location and serves them the appropriate Amazon affiliate link. This helps to improve the chances of generating commissions from international visitors. AAWP also supports multiple tracking IDs and can be customized to include different Amazon locales, offering greater flexibility for affiliates who operate in multiple countries.

When it comes to maximizing international commissions, both EasyAzon and AAWP provide valuable tools for affiliates. The choice between these plugins will largely depend on an affiliate’s specific needs and preferences, as well as their familiarity with plugin customization and management.

WordPress Integration and Compatibility

When it comes to WordPress integration and compatibility, both EasyAzon and AAWP are designed to make the lives of Amazon affiliates easier. These plugins help site owners connect their WordPress websites to the Amazon Associates program and streamline the process of inserting various affiliate links in their content.

EasyAzon is a widely-used WordPress plugin that helps users quickly create different types of affiliate links, including text links, image links, and product info blocks. It is compatible with the latest WordPress versions and works seamlessly with popular themes and page builders. EasyAzon is a valuable tool for beginners, as it simplifies the Amazon affiliate process and enables them to focus on promoting products effectively.

AAWP, short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is another popular option for integrating Amazon Associates with WordPress websites. AAWP stands out for its modern and customizable design, offering conversion-optimized features for Amazon affiliates. It provides a variety of display options for affiliate links, such as product boxes and comparison tables, which enhances the visual appeal of a website.

Furthermore, AAWP generates UI elements that are less likely to be detected by ad blockers, which addresses one of the key concerns with EasyAzon. With ad blockers becoming increasingly common, having UI elements that remain visible can result in improved conversion rates for affiliates.

In conclusion, AAWP and EasyAzon are both powerful WordPress affiliate plugins for Amazon associates. They have different features, strengths, and weaknesses, which makes it essential for users to consider their individual needs and requirements when deciding between the two.

Alternatives to Easyazon and AAWP

While Easyazon and AAWP are popular choices for Amazon affiliates, there are also other plugins that can be used to enhance your Amazon affiliate website. In this section, we will discuss a few notable alternatives, including AzonPress, Amazon Auto Links, WooZone, and TablePress.


AzonPress is a premium Amazon Associates plugin with features similar to AAWP. It allows you to easily connect with Amazon’s API to insert accurate product details and affiliate links into your posts. With a slightly more affordable price than AAWP, AzonPress can be an excellent choice for affiliates on a tight budget. The plugin also offers features such as customizable product boxes and tables, geo-targeting, and responsive design.

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a free plugin that helps you automatically generate Amazon affiliate links within your content. It offers users the ability to create customizable templates, making it easy to present products in different formats. The plugin also supports geo-targeting, so your users are directed to their local Amazon store for a better shopping experience. Additionally, Amazon Auto Links offers tools to filter products by categories and keywords, ensuring that only relevant products appear on your website.


WooZone, also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, is a powerful plugin for affiliates who want to combine the functionality of WooCommerce with their Amazon affiliate business. This plugin allows users to import Amazon products directly into their WooCommerce store, providing them with more control over product presentation and management. WooZone also offers features such as product synchronization, enabling users to keep product details and prices up-to-date with Amazon’s database.


TablePress is a free plugin that allows you to create and manage tables on your WordPress site. While not specifically designed for Amazon affiliates, TablePress can be a useful tool to help you display product comparisons and other relevant information in an organized manner. The plugin offers various customization options, making it easy to create tables that match your website’s design. With its simple interface and extensive features, TablePress is a versatile option for affiliates looking to enhance their content with visually-appealing tables.

User Experience and Support

When comparing EasyAzon and AAWP for Amazon affiliate marketers, it’s essential to consider the user experience and support provided by each plugin. Both plugins cater to the needs of bloggers and niche website owners, but they differ in their design and functionality.

AAWP stands out with its more modern, customizable, and conversion-optimized features. In addition, it has a user interface that is not affected by ad blockers, ensuring vital images, buttons, and text remain visible to users. This makes AAWP a great choice for website conversions.

On the other hand, EasyAzon’s UI elements may get detected by ad blockers, causing them to disappear from the page. This can negatively impact the conversion rates on websites that rely heavily on EasyAzon for affiliate linking. Moreover, AAWP offers a better frontend user experience with its clean layouts and responsive design.

When it comes to customer support, AAWP has well-documented support resources to assist users in implementing and using the plugin effectively. This comprehensive documentation caters to both beginners and experienced affiliates, making it easier for them to understand the plugin’s full potential.

EasyAzon, in contrast, may not provide the same level of support documentation, and users might need more technical knowledge to fix issues and customize the plugin as per their requirements. As a result, beginners could find it challenging to get started with EasyAzon.

In conclusion, when evaluating WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins, considering user experience and support is vital. AAWP offers a better overall package in terms of design, customization, and documentation, making it a more appealing choice for bloggers and niche website owners navigating the world of Amazon affiliate marketing.

Compliance and Amazon Affiliate Program

When it comes to compliance with the Amazon Affiliate Program, both EasyAzon and AAWP ensure that your WordPress Amazon affiliate site adheres to the rules and guidelines set by Amazon. Both plugins help maintain a compliant status with Amazon, while providing you the tools to make the most of your affiliate marketing strategies.

Amazon continually updates its guidelines for affiliate sites, so using a third-party WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin like EasyAzon or AAWP can save you time and resources by keeping up with the changes. Easyazon is known for its drag-and-drop functionality and automatic link localization, ensuring Amazon Associates links stay compliant with Amazon locale requirements. AAWP is well-regarded for its customizability and focus on conversions, enabling WordPress users to create data field-driven widgets that align with Amazon’s terms of service.

Both plugins cater to various Amazon-specific features, such as presenting Amazon Prime logos on eligible products and showcasing the best seller list. These display options enhance the layout and visual appeal of your website, while adhering to Amazon’s requirements.

Automatic link localization is available in both EasyAzon and AAWP, allowing your site visitors to be directed to the appropriate Amazon locale based on their geographic location. This contributes to a seamless user experience and creates relevant content for your audience, while maintaining compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.

In conclusion, when considering compliance with the Amazon Affiliate Program, both EasyAzon and AAWP are reliable choices for your WordPress Amazon affiliate site. Both plugins provide the tools and features necessary to ensure your content stays compliant with Amazon requirements while maximizing your site’s earning potential.