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Your Can't Earn Commissions If Your Visitor Can't Buy!

Imagine This...

You get a visitor to your website...

You get them to click on your affiliate link...

You are about to make a commission...

But they land on an Amazon page like this...


The Product Is Out Of Stock!

Only Used Items Are Available!

The Product Is No Longer Sold!

Every time this happens you lose out on a commission!

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Never Lose Out On Another Amazon Commission

Your affiliate site is leaking commissions by promoting Amazon products that are not available for purchase.

Luckily, the Azon Link Checker can fix that issue for you Automatically!

Azon Link Checker Does It All For You!

  • Automatically Finds Every Amazon Affiliate Link On Your Site

    The Azon Link Checker will scan your entire site and find every Amazon product you are promoting.  No need to enter them in manually, just 1 click and the plugin will find them all for you!

  • Automatically Checks To See If They Are In Stock

    After the Azon Link Checker plugins finds all the products you are promoting, it will then automatically check them to make sure they are in stock and available for purchase.

  • Automatically Finds Any Products That Are No Longer Available

    The Azon Link Checker plugin will also find any products you are promoting that are actually no longer sold on Amazon so you can replace them on your site.

  • Automatically Schedule Daily, Weekly or Monthly Checks

    No need to recheck your products every day, the Azon Link Checker plugin will automatically do that for you and send you an email when any problem products are found on your site!

Stop Losing Commissions Today with the Azon Link Checker!

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It's As Easy As 1..2..3!

  • Scan Your Site For Amazon Products

    Simply click the Check Links button and the software will automatically scan your site for every Amazon product you are promoting.  No need to manually enter them in or find them yourself.

  • Check Your Results For Any Issues

    Azon Link Checker will bring back a list of all the Amazon products on your site and alert you to any products that are out of stock or no longer available on Amazon.

  • Replace Any Unavailable Products

    After you run Azon Link Checker, all you need to do is replace any out of stock or unavailable Amazon products with products that are in stock.  In a matter of minutes you have increase the commission potential of your site!

  • Schedule Ongoing Scans

    Azon Link Checker allows you to automate future scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The software will automatically scan your site each day and email you if it finds any products that are not available on Amazon.

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Azon Link Checker - Single Site License

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Azon Link Checker

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with Azon Link Checker, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.  Simply contact us at our help desk.

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Kurt Chrisler