Bonus #1 -  Azon Best Seller Plugin

This plugin allows sers to easily add a list of the best selling products for any category or sub category on Amazon to their site.

Why is this so powerful?

Well, the best selling products are clearly the products that are in the highest demand and are the product people are most ​likely to buy. This leads to higher conversion rates and more Amazon commissions.

The plugin will automatically:

-Add a list of the best selling products
-Add your affiliate link to each product
-Format the list for you
-Add buy buttons for each product

Bonus #2 -  FB Affiliate Alert Box PLugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to use the familiarity of Facebook to increase your affiliate commissions on all your websites. It will create pop up boxes that resemble those those from Facebook and allows you to insert affiliate products into them.

Bonus #3 -  WP Click Magnet Plugin

WP Click Magnet let's you automatically drive more traffic to your affiliate links, product pages or anywhere you want.

You can add unlimited keywords, track your results and optimize your links for maximum commissions.