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Creating Affiliate Sites
Can Be Hard Work!

Let's be honest...

Creating affiliate sites is a great way to earn affiliate commissions.

BUT, it can be incredibly time consuming!

Here is What You All Need To Do...

Do All the Initial WordPress Tasks...

First off, you will need to do some WordPress maintenance and remove all their demo content, install all your required plugins, and then start adding all your required pages.  Better grab your coffee, this will take a while.

Add All Of Your Content...

Now that your site is setup, you need to do everyone's least favorite task of adding content to all your posts, then inserting featured images into each post and, lastly, adding some videos to all your posts.  Yay, this is fun 🙁

Add Affiliate Products To Every Post...

Ok, so you have come this far...but now you need to monetize your site.  So, you need to insert affiliate products in to ALL those posts you just spend hours creating in order to make some money from your site.  Don't cry, it will be over soon.

AffiliRocket to the Rescue!

Forget all of that hard work!  With AffiliRocket, you can skip all of that time consuming work and just let this amazing plugin do it ALL FOR YOU!


These are the issues that are holding you back from success...

Let's End That Today!

With AffiliRocket, you can eliminate ALL of these issues in just minutes!

Your Shortcut To Creating
Affiliate Sites Is Here!

Stop Wasting Hours and Build Your WordPress Affiliate Site AUTOMATICALLY!


From This 🙁 ...

To This 🙂 ...In Just Minutes

Creating Your Affiliate Site
Have Never Been This Easy...

  • 1

    Choose Your Desired Options

    Simply choose what you would like the plugin to do for you by checking the relevant boxes.

Choose Your Options

  • 2

    Enter In Your Desired Posts/Pages

    Simply enter in your keywords, upload your articles and images, choose whether you want videos and choose the type of affiliate ads.

Enter In Your Keywords

  • 3

    Let AffiliRocket Do It's Magic!

    That's all it takes! You now have your site setup and ready to go.

Admire All Your Hardwork 🙂

Your Own Complete Monetized Affiliate Site
Created In Just Minutes!

With Just A Click,
AffiliRocket Will Automatically...

Delete The Demo Posts, Pages and Comments

When building a WordPress site the first steps every users needs to do is delete the demo posts, pages and comments that come pre-loaded on your site.

AffiliRocket does that all for you with the click of a mouse!

Change The Permalink Structure To %PostName%

You also need to change the Permalink structure to %PostName% for proper SEO.

AffiliRocket does this for you with the click of a mouse!

Create Your About, Contact Us and Privacy Policy

Every site needs an About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages to enhance the trust of the site in the eyes of the search engines.

Setting up these pages waste as much as 15-20 minutes of your time.

AffiliRocket creates those pages for you with the click of a mouse!

Install & Activate All The Essential Plugins

You will also want to add plugins to your site to help with usability, SEO, site speed, etc.

The process of searching for the plugins, installing them and then activating them can easily take you 15 minutes.

AffiliRocket will install and activate any plugins you would like for you with the click of a mouse!

Create Posts For All Your Desired Keywords

To start building your site you need to create posts or pages around all the keywords you plan to rank your website for.

This tedious process can easily take 30 minutes to do.

With AffiliRocket you simply enter in all your keywords and the software will create a post or page for each one!

Add Content To All Your Posts

Of course, you also need content for all your posts.  With AffiliRocket you can quickly upload an article for each keyword and the software will automatically add that content to your post or page when it is created.

This feature easily saves you 30-60 minutes of time.

Add Images To Every Post

No post is complete without an image.  Having to go to each post, upload an image and then insert it into the post is a huge waste of time.

With AffiliRocket, simply upload an image for each keyword and that image will automatically be added to the post when it is created.

This can save you 15-30 minutes of your time.

Add Relevant YouTube Videos To All Posts

You also want to add relevant YouTube videos to each post to add content, increase engagement and, of course, Google loves to see them.

This tedious process can easily take 30 minutes to do.

AffiliRocket will add a YouTube video relevant to your keyword to each post for you with the click of a mouse!

Add Affiliate Products To Every Post

Of course, no site is complete until you have monetized it so you can make money from your site.

With AffiliRocket, the plugin will automatically monetize every post on your site with relevant affiliate products.  You can choose from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or CJ.

This can save you 60-90 minutes of your time.

Add Your Optin Box to Every Post

AffiliRocket will add your optin box to every post so you can start building your list and increase your commissions.

Inserts Custom Ads (No API Needed!)

Want to promote related Amazon products or even non-Amazon products? Easy...AffiliRocket gives you the ability to insert your own custom ad code to be show at the top and/or bottom of each post automatically.  This means you can promote ANY affiliate program you wish!

Add Your GDPR Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent

With the adoption of GDPR requirements, AffiliRocket will take care of adding your GDPR Privacy Policy page and also adding Cookie Consent to your site.

And If That Wasn't Already Enough, Check Out These Advanced Features!

Built In Automatic Content Spinning Integration

AffiliRocket has built-in integration with The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter.  With this built-in integration the plugin will automatically spin it your content before adding it to your site!  This is a great option when using PLR content to build your site as it will help make it unique.

Choose From 5 Different Affiliate Programs

AffiliRocket allows you to choose to insert affiliate products from 5 different programs; Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress and CJ.  This gives you complete control and you won't be stuck waiting for Amazon approval!

Works On Any WordPress Theme

With AffiliRocket you can completely control the look and feel of your site and it will run right on your current theme.

Responsive and Mobile Optimized

AffiliRocket is completely mobile friendly and responsive.  As long as the WordPress theme you are using is mobile optimized, your AffiliRocket site will be as well!

Stop Wasting Time Setting Up Your WordPress Sites and let AffiliRocket
Do It ALL For You!

Don't User WordPress...Without AffiliRocket

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    Build Your Entire Site In Just Minutes

    Automatically remove demo content, create your posts, create legal pages, add images and videos.

  • 2

    Instantly Monetize Your Site Automatically

    Stop wasting time monetizing your site and let AffiliRocket automatically insert ads from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or CJ.

  • 3

    Build Your List, Sell More Products, Save Time

    Add optin boxes to build your list...Add ads for your own products...Add high converting affiliate's all done in a matter of seconds!

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Simple as that!

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