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1. AffiliShopper Software

Build a complete, commission generating eCom affiliate site with automated backlinks and traffic

  • Launch Your Own Ecom Affiliate Store In Just Minutes

    AffiliShopr automates the entire process of building an ecom affiliate store with just a couple clicks.

  • Offer Unlimited Products From 4 Different Marketplaces

    Automatically add products to your ecom affiliate store from Amazon, eBay, CJ, and AliExpress.

  • Automatically Adds Content, Images, Videos and Your Affiliate Links

    AffiliShopr builds you a complete ecom affiliate store in just minutes with content, images, videos and your affiliate links automatically added.

2. NinjaBuilder Software

Build an complete affiliate sites with Done For You content, images and videos.

  • Creates Your Entire Affiliate Site In Just Minutes

    NinjaBuilder allows you to build an entire affiliate site with done for you content, images and videos in just minutes.

  • 10,000+ Articles & 1.7 Million Images to Choose From

    Never worry about content with our build-in article directory of over 10,000 articles to choose from and access to over 1.7 million images to choose from.

  • Easy Monetization of Your Entire Site

    NinjaBuilder allows you to monetize your entire site with ANY affiliate program you choose.  Just simply enter your add and let the software take care of the rest.

3. NinjaTube Software

Create a complete monetized affiliate video website in under 60 seconds

  • Create Viral Affiliate Video Sites in Under 60 Seconds

    Simply enter a niche of your choice and let the software build you an entire DFY viral video site.

  • Automatically Adds Videos, Content and Images from YouTube

    With just a click the software will build your site with automatic videos, content and images.

  • Easily Monetized With Any Affiliate Products You Want.

    NinjaTube will automatically insert your affiliate ads into each post from any affiliate program you want.

4. AffiliFlash Software

Build a complete, monetized affiliate site in just minutes with this automated plugin.

  • Automates All the Tedious Process of Building Affiliate Sites

    Just a single click and AffiliFlash takes care of all the tedious work of creating affiliate content pots and sets them up for you.

  • Automatically Adds Posts, Content and Images To Your Site

    AffiliFlash will create your posts, add your content, images and videos to each post for you.

  • Automatically Monetizes To All Your Pages

    The plugin will monetize every post on your site so you don’t have to enter in ads of each post.

5. AffiliCompare Software

Easily build high converting affiliate comparisons to boost your commissions in just minutes.

  • Create High Converting Affiliate Comparison Tables In Minutes

    AffiliCompare makes it simple to create great looking affiliate comparison tables with point and click simplicity.

  • Promote ANY Affiliate Program You Want

    You are not limited to a single affiliate program, you can promote products from unlimited affiliate programs with AffiliComare.

  • Drag and Drop Editor

    No confusing coding required!  Just point and click, drag and drop to create your comparison table.

6. AffiliNinja Builder

Create high converting, professional looking affiliate sites in a matter of minutes.

  • Create High Converting Product Review Boxes

    Easily create great looking affiliate review boxes that showcase the product you are promoting. You can add in your own image, review, rating and your affiliate link.

  • Create Top Pick Affiliate Boxes

    Create top pick boxes where you can feature different products to make them stand out and get more clicks. Easily insert your own affiliate link into each box.

  • Create Feature Boxes, Rating Bars and Price Comparisons

    Add all these features to your affiliates sites to starting seeing more commissions and higher conversions.

No Matter What Type of Sites You Want To Build...
We Have You Covered!

Grab Your Affiliate Bundle Now At A Massive 85% Discount!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The AffiliSuite Bundle comes with a 30 day guarantee.  If you have any issues getting your first affiliate site setup and our support team is not able to help you.. Just send us an email and we will refund your purchase.

Simple as that!