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The Easiest Way To Instantly Increase Amazon Commissions...

Amazon might be a Billion dollar company, but we out did them with this one!

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  • Wednesday, Dec 20th
  • 10 AM EST


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Introducing WP StyleAzon

Quickly and Easily Add High Converting Amazon Product Ads To Your Site

  • Essential Plugin For Every Affiliate Marketer

    Every affiliate marketer will enjoy being able to quickly creating high converting Amazon products ads and being able to add them to posts in seconds.

  • Earn More Commissions

    With 8 high converting Amazon ad templates to choose from, increasing your Amazon earnings in simple.

  • SImple 1 Minute Setup

    Users can start adding products to their site in a matter of minutes.

WP StyleAzon Provides 8 High Converting Templates:

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    Allows users to sell sites that use the plugin and also use it on client sites.

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    iMarketers Club Trial ($4.95 trial / $27 Month - 30% Commission)

    Users get a 14 day trial to the iMarketers Club Membership, it then renews at $27 per month.

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    Resellers License ($67 - 50% Commission)

    Users get to sell the plugin and receive 100% commission on all their sales (activates after the launch period ends)

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Because that’s all it takes to increase your Amazon commissions by using this new plugin…

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The new WP StyleAzon Plugin allows you to instantly create high converting Amazon affiliate product ads that stand out and get more clicks.

Amazon may be a billion dollar company but they don’t give us affiliates much to work with when it comes to their product ads.

Well, WP StyleAzon solves that issue for you!

It provides 8 attention grabbing templates that will drastically increase the amount of clicks you get on your ads.

And the more clicks you get, the more commissions you make!

All it takes is 30 seconds…

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Did you know that your affiliate site is leaking commissions?

See, affiliate marketing comes down to how often visitors click your affiliate ads.

The more clicks, the more commissions.

Well, if you are using the standard Amazon product ads, you are leaving money on the table.

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Let’s be honest, Amazon’s product ads leave a lot to be desired.

They are rather boring, they don’t grab your visitors attention, and they get a mediocre click thru rate.

However, you can fix that issue with the new WP StyleAzon plugin.

The WP StyleAzon plugin lets you instantly create high converting, attention grabbing and click thru rate boosting Amazon affiliate ads in just seconds.

Don’t believe me?

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