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WP Quick Review Plugin

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Take A Look At What WP Quick Review Can Do To Your Site With Just A Click…



Stop Wasting Time And Losing Commissions!  Let WP Quick Review Setup & Format Your High Converting WordPress Review Pages AUTOMATICALLY!

Stop Wasting 30-60 minutes trying to setup and format a great look review page...and do it in just 1-2 minutes!

Take a look at what the WP Quick Review Plugin will do AUTOMATICALLY...

  • Insert A Product Image Linked To Your Affiliate Link
  • Inserts High Converting Sales Images Linked With Your Affiliate Link
  • Formats A Great Look Rating Section With Star Ratings
  • Insert A Relevant YouTube Product Video
  • Handle All Formatting, HTML and CSS
  • Insert Your Affiliate Banner or Product Ad

It Does All This For You With Just The Click Of A Mouse!

Inserts Your Image, Product Description & Call To Action

Automatically insert your product image, product description and call to action.  The plugin also automatically links the image and call to action to your affiliate link!

Creates Great Looking Star Ratings With Criteria Of Your Choice

Easily create star ratings on as many criteria as you wish.  The plugin handles all the formatting and inserts them for you.

Quickly Creates Product Features Lists

Simply input the product features and the plugin will create a feature list for you.

Insert Any Affiliate Banner or Product Ad Of Your Choice

Simply input your own Amazon product ad, affiliate banner or whatever you wish and it will be added to your review page.

Creates A Pros and Cons List

Simply input the pros and cons of the product you are reviewing and they will be inserted into your review page.

Inserts Your Overall Rating and Call To Action

Simply enter your overall rating for the product and the plugin will create a great looking star rating and also insert a call to action button that is linked to your affiliate link.

Inserts A YouTube Video

Simply input a YouTube video and the plugin will automatically add it to your review page.

Yes! I want to stop wasting time setting up and formatting my WordPress review sites and let WP Quick Review Do It ALL For Me!

Developers License:

WP Quick Review Plugin

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WP Quick Review Plugin - Single License

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