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AutoTube Site Builder:  Launches April 21st at 10 AM Eastern

Join us for this high converting launch. Find out how to get on board below...

  • Front End

    AutoTube Site Builder

    $17-27 (Dimesale) - 50% Commission

  • Upsell

    Developers License

    $27 - 50% Commission

  • Upsell

    Plugin Bundle

    $27 - 50% Commission

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    Done For You

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Build Complete Video Sites That Are Automatically Monetized In Under 60 Seconds!

The AutoTube Site Builder software allows users to build complete video websites in under 60 seconds.

This WordPress Plugin will AUTOMATICALLY:

-Pull videos from YouTube based on any keyword
-Create posts for each video the user selects
-Insert the video description
-Spins the video description to make it unique
-Inserts related Amazon affiliates products
-Submits each post to OnlyWire for instant links
And much, much more!

...Basically, this plugin will build a complete Viral video affiliate website in under 60 seconds.

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-Create Viral Affiliate Video Sites In Under 60 Seconds!
-YouTube + Amazon = More Affiliate Profits!


If you want to be able to build viral video sites...

With built in monetization....

All in under 60 seconds...

Then go grab this new software right now:

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This new plugin will allow you to just enter a keyword and
instantly find videos, creates posts, import video descriptions,
and add affiliate product...


Sound too good to be true?

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To Your Success

Amazon Angle:


-Building Amazon Affiliates Sites Has Never Been This Easy!
-Boost Your Amazon Commissions In Just 60 Seconds...


If you are building niche sites that you monetize with
the Amazon affiliate program or want to get started
doing so...

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This brand new WordPress plugin will create a
complete viral video site that is monetized with
Amazon in under 60 seconds..

This plugin will automatically:

-Find videos related to your niche
-Create a post for each video
-Insert AND SPIN the video description
-Add related Amazon Products
-Insert your Amazon affiliate link
-Submit each new post to social media sites
and a whole lot more!

I know it is hard to believe so go watch this video
to see it in action:

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You really need to check this out!


To Your Success

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